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About Us

As a Psychotherapist, Ms. Tytannie Harris realized that Black men were hurting and needed a safe, positive space to share their frustrations and heal from past traumas.


To fill this void, she created TMH MANCAVE.

Ms. Tytannie Harris is committed to servicing African-American men and boys because she believes that the emotional needs of Black men and boys are disregarded. 

We can make a difference by starting with the men who often serve as the leaders in their households and communities.

  • Our Mission: To eliminate the stigma associated with the mental health needs of Black men and boys.

  • Our Vision: A community just for Black men and boys to come together, heal and feel empowered - all while providing encouragement to each other.

  • Our Story: Through personal and professional encounters, the owner, Ms. Tytannie Harris witnessed firsthand the need for safe spaces for men of color to discuss mental and emotional issues through their struggles with connecting to others. 

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Board of Directors

Fred Long

Executive Director

Chinyera Moody

Board Member

Glenn Sevier

Board Member

Jeffery Beckham

Board Member

Thomas Stovall

Board Member

Quincy Roseborough

Board Member

Christopher Rudd

Board Member

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